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Being an International Student in Huddersfield


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Being an International Student residing at DIGS Storthes Hall Park is an exhilarating and life-changing experience. It comes with a lot of opportunities that will kick-start your life in Huddersfield away from your home country. From my personal experience, I can say that living at DIGS has widened my perspective. Living independently in ensuite halls of residence has allowed me to learn new things and helped me to grow as an individual.

Living in Huddersfield

I have learned the importance of being independent and self-sufficient as an International Student. I am originally from Pakistan, moving to Huddersfield has been my first long distance adventure away from home. In addition, I have learned how to take care of myself, manage my finances and navigate the local transportation system. While it can be challenging at first, it’s a great way to learn new life skills that will be beneficial in the future.

The northern town of Huddersfield is very student-friendly and diverse. With over 24,000 students living here, it is a very vibrant place with restaurants, museums, parks, cinemas and more!

My student accommodation has played a big role in helping me settle into life in Huddersfield. One of the most memorable experiences I have as an International Student is exploring the woods and hills nearby my accommodation for the first time. I have been able to visit different places, taste new foods, and explore some of the breath-taking landscapes in Huddersfield.

With regular free trips, events and a large student community, you feel at home away from home living at DIGS. They also help you settle in with their welcoming staff and wonderful student benefits. There include a free bus to Huddersfield Town Centre and the University, on-site laundry facilities, a free gym, cinema room, a shop and more!

Meeting new people

Living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park has also given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I have made friends from different cultures and backgrounds, and this has helped me to appreciate the diversity of the world. Interacting with people from different parts of the world has also given me the chance to learn about their cultures, languages, and traditions. It’s a great way to broaden your perspective and become more culturally aware by immersing yourself in student life.

Furthermore, if you’re feeling worried about the big life transition you will undergo moving countries, rest assured that home comforts are all around in Huddersfield. At University, you can join societies from sports to cultural and social, meet other students from home and bond with like-minded people. You’re not alone!

Make your move

Studying in the U.K as an International Student is an enriching experience that comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. It’s an excellent way to learn new things, grow as an individual, and make lifelong friends. If you are considering living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park, I would highly recommend it. While it may be naturally challenging settling into your new home, it is an experience you won’t forget.

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By Asfar Dilshad

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