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Huddersfield University Student Blog: A day in the life of Zoe


huddersfield student
huddersfield uni
huddersfield university

A Day in the Life of a Huddersfield University student

Want to know more about Huddersfield University student life at Storthes Hall Park we’ve got you covered,


On a typical day I wake up and head for the bus, the earlier ones the better. At least once a week a fellow student staff member is awaiting at the top of the steps to say good morning with a breakfast bar freebie. Once on the bus I log straight onto the free on-board Wi-Fi and check over lecture material. Not forgetting to look up when passing The Venue to read which event is on that evening.
Once at University I stay connected with updates Digs through social media via the Facebook page, my North Spring Block messenger chat, the SHP Snapchat and my flats WhatsApp group. There is always a buzz about something whether it be an upcoming event, competition run by reception or who keeps using the last bin liner & not replacing it?!

After a long day at uni there is nothing better than being able to walk a couple of steps straight onto the bus and just chilling, especially when you are guaranteed to know at least one other person on there! I don’t think I have travelled back to Storthes this year without bumping into someone on the bus that I could chat to – which is great!

Back at Storthes and I always head through reception on the way to my block. Not only are the staff amazingly lovely, they nearly always have either competitions to take part in or freebies. They give out pasta pots, cakes, biscuits, hot chocolate, mashed potato packets, energy drinks and loads more! It’s well worth a neb! I sometimes pop into the shop to pick up something I’ve forgotten to get in town or a sweet treat – if it’s a sunny day then a slush is a definite must!
My flat and I usually cook tea around the same time which is perfect as we get to catch-up on each other’s day and discuss who is free to attend the event or exercise class up at the Gym/Venue. A flat favourite is the Quiz at The Venue on a Monday night. We have only won once but we love it!

The day ends with the flat having a cuppa in the kitchen before going into our rooms for the night. The best end to every amazing Digs day!
I honestly wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

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