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Huddersfield as a Student : Places to Eat, Drink and Explore


things to do

Considering Huddersfield as a university option for 2022/23? It’s a fantastic university with a high satisfaction rate from students, gold standard teaching, excellent work placement connections.

But university isn’t just about studying, it’s about having fun and meeting new people too (especially after the last couple of years).

Huddersfield is a great place to be a student, with its countryside charm and city amenities, you’ve got everything you need. We’ve put together a guide of fun places to visit whilst living with DIGS Student Accommodation at either Storthes Hall Park or Ashenhurst Houses, or another student accommodation in Huddersfield:


Places to eat as a student in Huddersfield

The Venue Bar & Kitchen

The Venue Bar & Kitchen is a fun place to eat and drink as a student. With student socials on Wednesday nights, fab deals like 2 cocktails for £8, and student bottomless brunches – it’s the perfect place to meet friends. Not to mention the cute igloos and fire pits.


Humpit: The Hummus & Pita Bar

A lunchtime (or dinner) must. Humpit is close to the university and a delicious way to brighten up your day. Try a filled pita or a cheeky gyro in between lectures, or if you’re feeling particularly health there’s also salad boxes.


Slug & Lettuce

Another great spot for students, this time for a ‘proper sit-down meal’. Slug & Lettuce has a brunch menu for Sundays and sharing platters and sharing towers – there’s something for everyone on the menu. Plus, their cocktail trees are pretty famous.


Places to drink as a student in Huddersfield

Coffee Boy

Coffee Boy brands itself as a ‘fresh and funky new coffee experience’ and it could not be more accurate. With a drive-through and cool ‘work-spaces’, it’s perfect for studying away from the library. Not to mention the ‘Cool Coffee Boy’ that is a must have during the summer months.

Northern Tea House

Northern Tea House is a lovely little tea house in the centre of Huddersfield, with a great modern vibe and a selection of great tea. There’s also some cool brunch options and quirky things to try like loose leaf tea – the kind of place you want to visit on a Sunday when you don’t have much to do.


Another Huddersfield staple, this is one for the post-gym or post-hangover shot of health (or at least fruit). Shaake is a cool, independent smoothie bar that allows you to customise your smoothie with your favourite ingredients such as strawberries or kale.


Places to have fun as a student in Huddersfield

Camel Club

Camel is a popular place for students and a great alternative to mainstream clubbing. It’s a fun dance space with cheap drinks and a giant dance floor. Also, one of the best things about Camel Club is that they have different music nights every day of the week, so you’re guaranteed to find something you like.



Take a step back in time with Mavericks 80’s Bar with some cool retro tunes and two rooms with two totally different vibes to keep you entertained. Not to mention they regularly have great deals on drinks too.


Rain Bar

Rain is Huddersfield’s independently owned LGBT+ Bar, known for its great tunes and unforgettable drag nights.This cool independent location has a selection of cocktails named after famous Drag Queens from Rupaul’s Drag Race.


Place to explore as a student in Huddersfield

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is an ancient monument standing at the top of a hill in Almondbury. This unique and interesting bit of history dates all the way back to the Iron Age and is said to be part of a small medieval village.

Storthes Hall Woods

Storthes offers 43 acres of ancient woodland. You can walk around Storthes Hall Woods and find yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. There’s several public pathways to explore when you get the opportunity. You can stop by The Venue Bar & Kitchen afterwards for a refreshment.

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