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How to prepare for Clearing 2023


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Every year, thousands of students get a place at university through Clearing after they have got their A Level or BTEC results. UCAS Clearing is an opportunity to reassess your options by changing course or university completely, you will soon find your dream uni studying your preferred course!

There are many reasons why students go through Clearing. In 2022, over 33,280 students went through Clearing, which is 10,000 up from the previous year so you’re not alone.

How to prepare for Clearing

Do your research

  • Shortlist universities you’re interested in and make note of their Clearing numbers
  • Search university courses that still have availability
  • Check for space on courses through UCAS
  • Research student accommodation alongside contacting universities

Prepare your documents

  • Clearing number
  • Passport / ID
  • Personal statement
  • Details of a guarantor for student accommodation

Stay connected

  • Sign up to receive communications from the universities you’re interested in before Results Day
  • Stay up to date with announcements from UCAS about next steps
  • Follow student accommodation providers on social media for updates on Clearing price drops

Stay positive 

  • Keep an open mind, Clearing is a second opportunity to explore different avenues
  • There are so many options and paths you can take, it’s all about choosing the right option for you
  • There is always a Plan B and it all works out in the end
  • Connect with other students going through Clearing, TikTok is a great platform to find fellow students

You are eligible for Clearing if you:

  • Haven’t received any offers for University
  • Haven’t accepted any of the offers you have received
  • Missed out on the grades you were hoping for
  • If you have simply changed your mind about your course or university!

You will know if you are in Clearing if your application status for University says “you are in clearing” or “Clearing has started” on UCAS Track.

When it is Results Day (August 17th 2023), go to UCAS Track and login to see your Clearing status.

Keep calm during Clearing

On Results Day, you’re going to be thinking about what’s the best plan of action if you decide to go through Clearing.

Make sure you’re phone call ready, universities won’t reach out to you offering you a place. You have got to contact them expressing your interest in getting on your ideal course.

Taking the time during Clearing to make the right University choice for you is key to ensure you don’t feel pressured into making a decision immediately. In addition, a worried mind often makes rash rather than logical decisions!

College / Sixth Form Results Day will be a different experience for everyone. It can be hard to not compare your results to your peers, focus on yourself and make sure to take all the opportunities and possibilities Clearing presents you with – good luck!

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