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How to Make Friends at University



University can be scary, making friends at university can be terrifying. Meeting new people is tricky. We all worry that we might not fit in, or people won’t like us, but remember everyone is in the same boat and you might need to step outside of your comfort zone to experience the new things ahead of you.

Here’s our guide to help you make new friends whilst at university…

Remember it takes time

Look back at your current friendships – they probably weren’t instant! Friendships can take time and anything from a smile to a ‘how are you?’ can help to form a connection.

Throw yourself out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with people in your tutorials, lectures, etc. These are people you will see every day, and you can help eachother with assignments and exams – not a bad friendship to have!

Say hi to your neighbour, ask the person sitting next to you in a lecture how they are finding it, or ask the person at the bus stop where they got their coffee. Low-risk conversation starters make it easier to break the ice and introduce a two-way conversation.

Attend your accommodation Welcome Party

Don’t miss your accommodations official Welcome Party. These parties are a great way to get to know everyone that you’ll be living with for the next year. Plus there’s usually loads of freebies and free food and drink on offer!

Sign up for clubs and societies

Moving to university for the first time can be a whirlwind of emotions. Once the dust settles and you’ve found your feet, why not sign up to a society? Societies are a fantastic way to meet like-minded students, and with such a diverse range available, you’re bound to find something you love. Check out your University’s Student Union website for a full list.

Staying at Storthes Hall Park in Huddersfield? We have a bunch of DIGS societies from football to Dungeons and Dragons, to LGBTQ+.

Find a part-time job

Loads of people bond at work, and you get to meet people outside of your circle and make some cash at the same time. Have a look at your local Facebook groups or to see if any of your mutual know of any jobs going, the run up to Christmas is a great time to find one. Take a look at e4s who also list a lot of part-time jobs geared towards students. If part-time work is too much of a commitment, why not look at local charities or your Students Union for volunteering opportunities?

Visit new places

If you’ve moved to a new town or city for university, then you’re probably not familiar with the best places to hang out.

Try visiting one new place within walking distance of your student accommodation, every day for a week. It could be a walk around the park, a local café to read your book, or the library. Even if it doesn’t lead to a conversation or a new bestie, if will help you to get to know your new hometown.

Expand Your Existing Circle

If you’ve settled into university or at least have an understanding of who’s around you. So even if there’s no-one that you’d consider a ‘friend’, you’ve probably met a couple of people that you are happy to say hello to. Take the plunge and invite them for a coffee in between lectures or for a big shop at Tesco. In return, people will start inviting you along to places too.


These are our top tips on how to make friends whilst at university. The most important thing: stay positive (or at least try to!) If it doesn’t happen straight away that doesn’t mean it never will! 😊

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