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How to find accommodation abroad


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Moving to a new country for University is the first step to starting your new journey as an international student. When finding accommodation in the U.K, it is important you find a university halls of residence that has flexible contractual agreements before you move in, in case you run into any VISA issues prior to your arrival. Starting your search early will make you much more prepared rather than getting your University offer and delaying applying for accommodation until the last minute.

Finding your perfect accommodation

We have students from over 50 countries living at DIGS, so there’s lots of opportunity to network and meet people from all walks of life.

Here are some of the top things to look for in student accommodation before you apply!

  • All bills included
  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Flexible rent payments
  • Option for a virtual tour
  • Onsite social facilities
  • Regular events
  • Student testimonials
  • 24/7 support and security
  • Ways of contact
  • Cleanliness

Starting your search

  • Do your research on all options
  • Decide whether you want to live in a shared flat or a studio
  • Put time aside to assess your budget and find affordable accommodation that reflects your budget
  • Ensure you have a Guarantor, this is someone you put down to pay your rent if you are unable to
  • Make sure you’re happy with the accommodation you are interested in before applying

Embracing new beginnings and advice

When embarking on your student accommodation search in the U.K, it is important to keep an open mind and embrace change. If you need any first hand advice, we would recommend speaking to other international students living in the U.K who have experienced booking accommodation in the location you’re interested in. Search online for Freshers’ Facebook groups to find other international students. You can also reach out to your University and the student accommodation you’re interested in for advice on booking your university room.

Asfar, from Pakistan is our second year Adult Nursing student living at DIGS Storthes Hall Park in Huddersfield. He shares how he feels supported as an international student studying at Huddersfield University. Click here to read his journey so far.

What we offer at DIGS

For all our student accommodations in Huddersfield, Sheffield and Wolverhampton, we have a scheme called No VISA, No Pay.

If you have booked a room with us but are no longer able to travel to the U.K because you’ve not been able to obtain a VISA, we will release you from contract and cancel your booking free of charge. T&C’s apply.

Wanting to book as a group and live with a flat with your friends? We’ve got you! Simply list the friends you want to live with on your application and we will allocate you a shared flat. We also do single gender flats if this is something you require, just let us know on your booking form when applying for your room.

Want to know more about No VISA, No Pay and how to find accommodation abroad? Check out our International Guide

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