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How to do Freshers at University


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It’s Freshers! The time of year before the academia and seriousness of university starts where you can go all out, it is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in everything student!

Freshers usually consists of plenty of freebies for you to pick up and lots of jam packed events to attend. Events are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and meet other students. If you’re feeling nervous about Freshers, see it as your gateway to unlocking and embracing this new chapter in your life as a now university student.

Studying in Huddersfield, Sheffield or Wolverhampton? This is how to do Freshers as a university student!

Huddersfield University

Hud Crawl is the biggest student night in the town, you can explore all the local bars, clubs and meet students from all walks of life in the most unconventional settings (like the club toilets). Camel Club, The Warehouse, Wetherspoons and Mavericks are the best spots in town. The Venue at Storthes Hall Park is also a great place for getting together as a flat at your Huddersfield student accommodation and starting your night out – they have a bar and restaurant, as well as a gaming room, pool / ping pong area and more!

A lot of people are under the impression that freshers is just about drinking, that definitely isn’t the case! There are lots of non-alcoholic events the Students Union’s host to cater to all students without the nasty hangover. At Hud Live, you get to experience an electrifying night of live music at Parish, Huddersfield’s premier rock and metal venue. This is an alternative night with an indie edge where you can come together with other music loves and listen to all the local talent the Yorkshire town has to offer.

Huddersfield SU during Freshers and beyond have lots of events to cater to everyone, such as days out to destinations around the U.K, give it a go fitness classes where you can try out wellbeing orientated sporting activities like yoga and tai chi.

Sheffield Hallam University

Hallam Union, Sheffield Hallam’s Student Union always thrive to create an inspiring and thriving student community for everyone studying at Hallam. During Freshers, they have a jam packed events programme for you to get involved with, including a Freebies Fair where all the biggest brands like Domino’s and Spotify will be hooking you up with exclusive student discounts and free things to take away!

Doing Freshers is also a great way to check out student socials or join a society. There are so many people you can meet at university and a lot of them like you will be looking to organically meet people at Freshers events.

Hallam are hosting a Bongo’s Bingo night and Freshers bar crawl where you can try your luck and win weird and whacky prizes all night at Bingo or hit the town and go wild at the top clubs in Sheffield like Tropicana, Popworld and Crystal – the home of Hallam Nation!

Wolverhampton University

Wolves Union are here to ensure you have the best student experience living in Wolverhampton!

From Freshers Fair freebies to society sign ups, you will soon find your place at this midlands university.

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