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How to decorate your uni room


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It’s Freshers! You have moved into your student accommodation at University and you may be wondering how to best decorate your uni room. While it is exciting having your own place, it is also easy to get a little home-sick starting this new venture away from home. Adding personal touches your space really does make it all the more homely.

Here are some student essentials to make your halls feel like home:

Mood lighting

Are you a really a student if your room isn’t covered in fairy lights? Draping a few fairy lights makes your room all that more welcoming. They are great as a soft light for your room, perfect for cosy nights and chill vibes.

Bedding and extras

A good nights sleep is always deserved after a days graft at Uni, (and to recover from nights out). Zen out your relaxation zone by adding some pillows, a throw, a soft rug and some electric candles. These items really set the scene and make your room much more cosy and ready for down time, aka catching some Zzz’s.


Cacti lovin’! Plants always subconsciously lift our mood with their inviting presence. Succulents are cheap to buy and they are quite happy to sit pretty on your window sill being low maintenance plants. Greenery is a affordable way to decorate your uni room and it also helps to create a wholesome atmosphere.

Memory lane

Reminders of your family, friends and life back home are very uplifting on those down days you may have. Print out some of your favourite pictures and put them in cheap photo frames. Photos hold memories and are reminders of growth from past to present, so they are great addition to your space.

Study goals

A productive yet aesthetic desk set up will make your study sessions that bit more productive, or inspiring at least because you get to use a bunch of new stationary! All your University desk essentials can be found in Rymans and WHSmiths, for binders, pens, organisers and more.


This is not really a decorative touch to your room, but get some storage boxes to organise your stuff. You will be spending a lot of time in your uni room so it is important to keep your space tidy and organsied. Clothes, socks, pants etc can go in these boxes to be slotted into your wardrobe. It also keeps your clothes free from dust build up.

Don’t forget!

Your new home shouldn’t be somewhere you slumber after a day of lectures, it should be a place you feel comfortable and at peace. Furthermore, settling into your student accommodation, making friends and finding time for yourself is beneficial for your wellbeing. Customising your room is the first step to making it home.

See our TikTok for how Emily and Caitlyn kitted our their uni rooms.

Bedroom shown is a Classic at DIGS Storthes Hall Park, our Huddersfield student accommodation.

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