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Diwali – How to celebrate in the U.K


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What is Diwali?

Diwali is the festival of light – it is symbolic of light over darkness. It marks new beginnings and for many people, it means reflection, forgiveness and joy. This traditional Hindu holiday is celebrated every year, the dates of Diwali festival depend on the lunar calendar. Night skies across the world are filled with colour to firework displays for the occasion. Diwali is a wonderful celebration to bring people together from all walks of life. As well as Hindu’s, it is also marked by other religions in India, including Sikhs and Buddhists.

How you can celebrate

If you’re a student studying in the U.K, look no further! The U.K is very multicultural so there are many ways you can keep tradition away from home.

Our Huddersfield and Sheffield student accommodation are getting students together to paint diyas, try traditional Indian sweets and more. We have a large Indian community living with us at DIGS, so the festival of light is a great way to celebrate culture with other students. Our aim is to create a student experience for all.

In 2022, celebrations are from October 22nd – October 25th.

For 2022 Diwali celebrations in the U.K, click here

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