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Great things about living with flat mates


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What are flat mates?

Flat mates are students that you live with through flat shared living in student halls. You will have your own bedroom and ensuite, but share other rooms in the flat such as the kitchen and social space. It is common that your flat mates will be some of the first people you meet when you move into your student accommodation.

It expands your social circle

Instead of feeling like a stranger, living in a shared accommodation can feel like home. Whether your flat mate is a local, student from elsewhere in the U.K or an international student, you’re all in the same boat. Going from living with family to independently is a massive step to starting your life at University, living with friends you still get that independence but support from other fellow students and your student accommodation when you need it – making it a great option for first year students in particular. If some of your flat mates are from a different country, that is even better! You can share your culture and life experiences with your new friends – making life long friends from all around the world.

It’s much cheaper

There are many benefits to flat shared living if you’re a student studying abroad in particular, you know how expensive it can be. But opting into a flat shared living arrangement can help you save a lot of money. Private apartments are usually more expensive than shared ones, and when you share the costs with your flat mate(s), it becomes even more affordable. It’s not just the rent that’s cheaper; you’ll also spend less on things like utilities and groceries since you’ll most likely be splitting some expenses with your flat mates. This means you have more money each month to month to spend on things you enjoy. Of course as a student budgeting is standard practice, but living in a flat you will find you are not spending as much considering you will chip in to use the same things like cleaning products, laundry detergent etc.

It’s character building

Moving away from home, you will be leaving familiar surroundings and people behind, and often have to learn the language of the country in which you’re studying in. You will begin to embrace your new way of life and learn some valuable life lessons and experiences along the way, some of which include tolerance, mutual respect and patience. Essentially being thrown into a mix of new people aka your house mates really teaches you to stand on your own two feet and take on challenges face on. At first, you may feel nervous, home sick and uncomfortable, but just getting out there and starting off with some ice breaker conversations like what are you studying, and where are you from can really go a long way. Who knows, you may find a lot of common ground!

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