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Freshers in Sheffield: My Experience


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How did you find moving to Sheffield?

Moving to Sheffield Hallam University four and a half hours away from my hometown of Leatherhead, England, I was a bit worried about the moving-in process being stressful as a new student in Sheffield. When I arrived, I was greeted by the team at The Pinnacles and signposted how to check in, I also received several emails from the team before hand detailing what to bring and the check in process. From the arriving to then visiting Reception, I had my keys and Welcome Pack all in less than 5 minutes, next thing I know I was unloading my belongings and making my way up to my new room. I was amazed at the quality of the room, having living at The Pinnacles for a few weeks now, I can confidently say its spacious with a lot of natural light, plenty of storage and desk space as well as a 3/4 bed which is basically the size of a double. I then unpacked my room making it feel like home and started to settle in leaving my door open so my flatmates could come and say hi with ease.

Was it easy to make friends during Freshers?

Overall, I found it very easy to make friends, prior to moving in and when I officially became a student, I had joined the resident only Facebook Group where I could meet people at The Pinnacles student accommodation and be the first to know about freshers plans and social events at the accommodation. When I bonded with my flat mates, who were also first year students of a similar age, we also introduced each other to people on our courses. One bit of advice to take if you’re new to student life and nervous about making friends is that everyone is in the same position, just put yourself out there and be open to new conversations and experiences.

All the Freshers Week events The Pinnacles, Hallam Union, Sheffield Hallam’s Student’s Union and Organised Chaos planned enabled myself and other Freshers to meet each other in different social settings. From nights out at The Leadmill to pool tournaments and Quiz Night’s in the Common Room at my student accommodation and more.

How do you balance social and university life?

After the madness of Freshers Week settled down a little and the academic year began for my course in BA Product Design, I have found the best way to manage my time is to use an online calendar scheduling my commitments day by day alongside by university timetable. Being a part of the Swimming Society at Hallam, I also block out time in my calendar for socials and training. The Pinnacles is conveniently located right next to Ponds Forge Leisure Centre which makes it easy to attend my Swimming Society commitments. I then allocate one day to do my weekly shop to keep my fridge and cupboards stocked up. To keep social, many of us eat together, chat about what we have been up in the day and catch up in the kitchen and communal areas at university or at The Pinnacles.

What is one of your favourite fresher’s memories at The Pinnacles?

Overall, my freshers experience in Sheffield has been amazing and I have enjoyed every minute of it in the Steel City. The Pinnacles has a range of events throughout the year to help integrate you into student life. The ones that have I enjoyed the most so far was the Welcome Party in the Courtyard and the Quiz Night in the Common Room where prizes were up for grabs for the winning teams. At these events, I have been able to meet other students from the U.K and abroad and learn about Sheffield, the student city I’m going to be calling home for the next 3 years.

In general, the communal areas at my accommodation make great areas for meeting new students during Freshers and beyond. There are students that have been living here for years and

How do you deal with being away from home?

As I am a first year student, this is my first time away from home and Sheffield is pretty far from my home town so home visits will be fairly infrequent. If I’m experiencing a bit of homesickness, I find chatting to other students and taking my mind off it helps as they are in the same boat, at university away from home like me.

Facetiming and keeping in touch with my family and friends is always a home comfort event though we are miles away from each other. Gaming with my home friends is something I also really enjoy as it’s just like when we were gaming back in college but now we are all over the country as freshers at university!

By Ethan Carr

First year student living at DIGS The Pinnacles studying BA Product Management

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