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Finding A Job around Your University.


cover letter
job hunting

Finding a job around your university!


Finding a job close to your university cab be hard, so here’s some tips and tricks to help you get by finding a part time job. We will go though it start to finish starting with CV’s to preparing for an interview.

How to do CV’s

  • CV’s- The best way to get your CV noticed is by designing your CV, make it creative and fun rather than just printing a word document off. Tailor the design towards the industry you are applying for, for example if you were to apply for a waiter’s position make it smart, simple and sophisticated, whereas if you are applying for a bar job in a club make it fun, campy and bright. For the text on your CV keep it simple and not cluttered. Using bullet points for your skill section is a smart move rather than using paragraphs. Look at some of these fantastic examples for inspiration. 
  • Your section should be;
  1. Personal information
  2. Profile (some about yourself)
  3. Education (just a quick mention of your qualifications)
  4. Work experience
  5. Hobby’s 

Job getting cover letters

  • Cover letters – When writing your cover letter, it is important that you always refer to the specs and skills they are looking for. The right amount for a cover letter is about a full A4 page, don’t go over another page unless you plan on filling the space up, but even then, I would still leave it at one page. Use a structure for every cover letter you write so it is not random, a good example to follow is;
  1. Your intro, some info on yourself
  2. Why you are applying
  3. How your skill sets fir into their company
  4. How you would benefit the company and what you would bring
  5. Conclusion – Wrap up your previous paragraphs into one

Acing the interview

  • Interview – Going for an interview can be very nerve wracking. It is important to stay calm and not to get overwhelmed, some tips for staying calm in an interview are;
  1. Preparing before hand
  2. Practice with family members or friends
  3. Use notes to look back on if you are struggling

When going to an interview be sure to dress appropriately, a good choice is a button up shirt, tie (optional) and some dark jeans. Applying for part time jobs around require you to be social such as working at a bar or shop, and dressing smart casual shows you have the correct balance of professionalism and social skills you need to fit in that industry.

Do your research- show your interest in the company! Don’t be afraid to ask them questions too, ask them what they bring to the table for you, what skills will you develop from working with them if it a new industry you are in.

Now you are all set to get yourself a job! Go out there and smash it!

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