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How To Fight Plastic Pollution


plastic pollution

help fight plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats facing our planet today. But you can do something, in fact we can all do something to help! Here are our really super easy ways to help reduce your own plastic pollution-


The plastic we use daily can be swapped for alternatives (single-use plastic) or reused. Take shopping bags for example! So, instead of using plastic bags you can use canvas bags, you can buy reusable bags or you can even make your own with an old t-shirt.

If you’re a coffee fan you can buy reusable coffee cups! These can be bought in many stores and coffee chains and are usually cheap to buy. There are loads of designs available so you can pick a design that resembles your personality whilst at the same time reducing plastic use for every single coffee you have.

Skip plastic straws and get yourself a fancy stainless steel or bamboo reusable straw. Straws are one of the largest contributors to the plastic problem our planet is facing.



Do you really need that plastic bag? Sometimes we can get a bit complacent and use a plastic bag from the supermarket to carry a single or 2 items. Get into a good habit of keeping few plastic bags in the boot of your car or storing one in your handbag.

Say no to plastic straws when you are on a night out!



If you spot litter out in your neighbourhood or a landmark that you visit pick it up and dispose of the waste correctly. Many beaches and other landmarks are filled with rubbish that can be recycled, and in addition to cleaning the earth you will be protecting the animals and wildlife that lives in these areas.



Recycle your plastic waste! But always check if they can be recycled. 

Take your single-use plastic bags back to the supermarket and they can recycle them for you.


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