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The Key to Decorating Your Uni Room


uni decorating
university room

Your uni room is a really exciting part of your experience. There are so many exciting things about going to university, but one people often forget is the fun of decorating and defining your room.

Your room will become the place you work, eat, sleep and have friends round to and most importantly, your own headspace.

Below are 3 things to make it your home sweet home:


Pop in a Splash of Colour

Injecting some colour into your new room can help make the space feel homely instead of being dull and white washed.

You need to remember that for a lot of your university life you will see the same 4 walls and making sure its bright really helps on long days spent revising or writing reports.

To add some pizazz to my room I bought a £10 tapestry from urban outfitters and pinned it to my pin board. It made a nifty feature wall.

Another novel way of getting colour into your room Is having a mood light, they are about £20 from places like Argos and can be used to turn your whole room a specific colour. Not only can you make your bedroom look like a shot from the red-light district but they’re also perfect for setting a pre-drinks mood.

I think my personal favourite way to get colour into a uni room was when a friend of mine bought a leopard print fluffy toilet seat cover. She bought this in a bid to make her bathroom shine and it certainly did that.

Post some pictures

Something I would really recommend is going to town with pictures of your friend’s, family and maybe even your pet from home. I famously took a picture of my goldfish Bella to first year and she proudly sat on my desk and would make a regular appearance at pre-drinks before going out. The phrase ‘Bella is always watching you’ caught on and summed up my first year.

Pictures are the best way to remind you of happy times and to remember the people you’re leaving at home. This also serves as a great reminder to contact your parents, so they know you are surviving uni.

My top tip with pictures is never blue or white tack them to painted walls because this will result in a hefty bill when you get charged for the damage at the end of the year. Stick to putting them on wooden cupboards or a novel idea is to hang them like a washing line with pegs across your room. I did this and used fairy lights and little pegs and it really brightened up my room.

Start Storing Creatively

The best thing I ever bought for uni was a shoe rack and a coat hanger that went over my bathroom door. It’s a uni room must have. This made it so much easier to keep everything organised. You must be realistic with your space because the last thing you want to do is have a cluttered room.

A friend of mines room was known as the junkyard between friends because of the volume of stuff she brought.

Make sure that you are realistic with what’s going to fit. A trip to B&M is always handy to find nifty ways to store stuff.

Also, a good way to keep track of your tea towels is to buy stick on hooks! Just put them in your kitchen cupboards and you don’t have to worry about a thing. And means they get to dry instead of being left wet in a ball at the back of your cupboard.

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