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5 ways to show your support during COVID-19


1. First and foremost, follow the advice from NHS and Public Health England on how to keep yourself and others safe.

2. Show your support to small and local businesses by purchasing from them wherever you can. If you pop on their website you can usually buy vouchers online to use at a later date when things go back to normal. Many businesses have also shifted to a takeaway style service meaning you can still pick up your favourite treat to give you that bit of familiarity and comfort that we all need in our lives right now. Visit your favourite local store on social media to see what new things they’ve put in place.

3. If you’re fit and healthy with no symptoms, offer your help to those in need. Many communities have set up volunteer groups where you can offer to help by delivering groceries or walking their dog for those in high risk groups. You can find out more by searching your town/village name and COVID-19 on Facebook.

4. Offer conversation. Pick up the phone and call friends, family and even neighbours who might also be feeling isolated during this time of uncertainty.

5. Share positive content on your social media. Social media is a weird and negative place at the moment. Let’s share words of positivity, cute photos of dogs and please…no more empty shelves.


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