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Clearing: Advice for Results Day


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It’s one week until Results Day, it will be a day you’re probably feeling both anxious and excited about. Don’t worry, you will all be feeling the same.

Whatever the outcome, be proud of yourself! You have all worked so hard, here’s to the next chapter at university…

Here is our advice for Results Day if you’re going to go through Clearing.

Don’t panic

If you don’t get the grades you were expecting, you might feel quite disheartened and discouraged to go through Clearing. Clearing is not a negative thing, students also go through Clearing because they have simply changed their mind about where they want to study.

Clearing can open so many doors, and you’re not confined to Results Day to apply through Clearing. Clearing is open until October 17th 2023, so you have some time to assess your options and take action.

A common myth is where people think that all the good courses have gone by the time its Results Day. The truth is you can secure a place on some great courses through Clearing at universities who might have not initially accepted you.

Seek support

Thousands of students every year go through Clearing, so you’re not alone. For advice and support, make sure you speak to your friends and family members, as well as your sixth form / college tutors for some words of wisdom.

You will have some big decisions to make on Results Day if you eligible for Clearing, such as changing university or course. Be prepared to call up universities and to answer questions for why you want to study there, they will not contact you so be phone call ready!

Results Day can be overwhelming, seek support early so you can make an informed and rational choice about your next steps, don’t rush the process and keep calm. You have to make the right decision for you after all.


UCAS will be your gateway to Clearing. If you are eligible for Clearing on Results Day, you will be able to login to UCAS and see your Clearing number. This is crucial to enabling your search, have this and your UCAS ID to hand so you can search for courses and directly contact universities.

To start your university Clearing search, just type in course or university you’re interested in and you will be able to see courses aligned to your interests with availability. There are over 30,000 waiting for you on UCAS, all you have got to do is find your match.

UCAS essentially have a match making system where you input your A Level or BTEC results and recommended courses with entry requirements that match your results will appear. This fast tracks the process of finding a university for you, then you can relax knowing you have got a place if your application has been accepted.

Finding student accommodation 

Many student accommodation providers will have offers during Clearing where you can book your room and pay less each week for your rent.

You can search for accommodation on UCAS, simply type in the location you’re interested and a list accommodation for that university location will appear. Use the filters towards the top of the page so you can filter your budget and preferred living arrangements.

Enjoy ensuite rooms with all bills included from ¬£81 per week when you live at DIGS Student Accommodation. We’ve saved you a room through Clearing!*

Start your university journey in Huddersfield, Sheffield or Wolverhampton.


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