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Storthes Hall is Calling New Huddersfield Students!


Storthes Hall
stothes hall park
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Welcome to Storthes Hall, a student-only village set in a glorious Huddersfield woodland. It’s time to discover why we’re Huddersfield University

If you’re interested in moving to Huddersfield for University then you’re probably looking for a place to stay…DIGS can help you with that one! Storthes Hall Park is the largest student accommodation in Huddersfield and is great for students of all ages. There is a fantastic party vibe on campus but we also offer more quiet blocks to give you the option of something a little more relaxed. Living at Storthes Hall Park provides you with a great opportunity to meet new people through student events, and advice and support is always available from the on-site team.

Storthes Hall Student Village

storthes hall reception building

Storthes Hall Park is only ten minutes from the centre of Huddersfield and is easily accessible from the M1 and M62. It is set in 44 acres of beautiful Yorkshire countryside making it a beautiful rural escape. It is the University of Huddersfield’s approved and recommended accommodation provider and boasts an abundance of attractive features. Each room has 50mb WiFi and broadband meaning you’ll never sit there again mid assignment losing Wi-Fi connection and motivation. Storthes Hall also has an on-site reception and team to help you with any issues you may have 24/7. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring each student receives efficient service and support.

Huddersfield itself offers a collection of independent and chain restaurants and bars so there is food and nightlife to everyone’s tastes. The most popular nightclubs include Tokyo’s and Camel Club. Finally Huddersfield hosts its very own food and drink festival every August with over 70 stalls, cooking demonstrations and live music and entertainment.

But what can you expect at Storthes Hall?

The Venue

the venue building

The Venue contains a bar, games room, gaming room, cinema room and study area all under one roof.

If you want to escape the confines of the library or your bedroom then The Venue is the place to go. In the day, the bar is more of a lounge which makes it perfect for relaxing and a change of scenery and by night it turns into a bar. It is the ideal place to unwind.

You won’t be short of things to do at The Venue, there is a pool table, football table and ping pong table and several TVs with Sky Sports and BT Sports. It is a great place to meet friends and socialise without having to leave the complex AND for those that love to play computer games, there is an actual gaming room. So if you have left your games console at home or you want to play with your mates then come along. It is literally a room full comfy chairs, PS4s and Xbox 1s. What’s not to love?

The cinema room at Storthes Hall is undeniably our personal favourite. Pretty much every person from any walk of life, from any country, can unite over an episode of Game of Thrones. You can watch it on the big screen, surrounded by other fans. You can even bring your own DVDs along.

New Experiences exclusive to Storthes

We also hold a variety of events such as Zumba, free personal training sessions, yoga, quiz nights and lots more.

After all this drinking, playing, gaming and binge watching then we guess it’s time to do some studying at Storthes Hall Park. In our lovely study rooms you’ll find, comfy chairs, excellent internet connection and sockets to charge your gadgets as standard.

And you can find more photos of The Venue on our Instagram.

Team Vs. Team

a digs party

Introducing Storthes Hall’s most exciting point, Team Vs. Team. It is is arguably the most exciting and buzzing concept we can introduce to you. You won’t find anything else like this at any other Huddersfield student accommodation. Team vs. Team is something you would expect to see on a television show. It is a competition between blocks. The overall prize is worth around £500 and all your team must do is win! You collect points by attending, playing, and winning competitions, it all adds together. Think of it as a more exciting school sports day, with better activities, larger teams and a huge cash prize.

You can book your place now to join us at Storthes Hall Park or you can come and visit us for a viewing to get a better feel of the services we offer and the campus experience we provide.



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