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Benefits of sharing a flat at University


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Sharing a flat at University can feel quite daunting at first. You have moved away from home for Uni and the prospect of living with other students is all a bit alien. Don’t worry! You will all be feeling the same way. The good news is when you live at our student accommodation at DIGS, you will have your own bedroom with an ensuite and a separate shared communal space so you have that balance of socialisation and a bit of you time.

Here are some of benefits of sharing a flat at University


Meeting people and making friends

  • Your flat mates will be some of the first people you will interact with at uni. You will meet students from all walks of life and bond with like minded people over a brew and chat in the kitchen. We aim to allocate students with others studying similar courses, or in the same year of study so there is a level of familiarity with the students you will be living with. Our student societies and jam packed events calendar make it easy to meet other students.

It is cost effective

  • Flat sharing at uni is good value for money. You will be spending less than what you pay if you were living in a studio. Flat sharing in halls of residence at DIGS means all of your bills are included in your weekly rent. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for any utility bills, we have all that covered! You will also find as friendships blossom, you may split some costs as a flat, such as flat cleaning products, your weekly shop etc. Our rooms at DIGS for 2023/24 are from £91 per week.

You won’t be alone

  • Last but not least, if you’re feeling a bit home sick, you will always have company when living with others. Cook as a flat, watch a film together, go for a night out. Whatever it is, you will be bound to form a little family at your home away from home!

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