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Benefits of living in University accommodation


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Moving into University accommodation away from home is often your gateway to independence. For many of you, it will be your first time living independently with other like-minded students who have also fled the nest.

How is your university experience impacted by your living arrangements?

Well, to help your decision about making your move to student accommodation, here are benefits of living in halls at university.

Why halls of residence?

Halls of residence is purpose built student accommodation for Universities. DIGS Student Accommodation are member of the National Code of Standards. This for your peace of mind, knowing we follow and adhere to standards set by the National Code.


Everything you could possibly need for comfortable and hassle free student living are all in one place. Laundry and drying facilities are on-site, many also have common rooms, study rooms and other social and sports spaces to enrich your student experience. Another perk of living in halls of residence is that you don’t have to worry about prolonged maintenance issues. There is a dedicated maintenance team on-site at DIGS who will resolve any maintenance within 24 hours.

24/7 onsite team

You don’t have to worry about missing your parcel or it getting lost when living in halls. All deliveries are securely processed by staff in your concierge or Reception. Furthermore, staff are onsite to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students at all our sites with security in place.

Social Aspects

As mentioned, living in halls is great for getting the most out of university life. Halls are so much than just a room, you can bond with your flat mates, attend flat parties and go to loads of events hosted by your student accommodation. At DIGS, we have a dedicated weekly events programme for our students, find out more here.

No rising energy costs

When you live in halls of residence, all you pay is the weekly rent for your room. All bills are included, WiFi, utility bills, including water and electric, and free contents insurance are covered by us. As a student, you also don’t have to pay council tax. The student cost of living crisis is a problem that can be a burden to your student experience. Rest assured at purpose built student accommodation, you will only have to pay the flat rate for your weekly rent and laundry services*

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