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A guide to becoming eco-friendly at University


digs student
green student
save the planet

Wanting to go green at university? You’re in the right place!

There’s never been a better time to go green. Together, we can work towards investing in our planet and start making more eco-friendly choices in our day to day life. With consumerism at its peak, we are experiencing record levels of green-house gases being emitted into our atmosphere. Environmental protection is a must. It’s not only for your future, but for the preservation of our world for generations to come.

Here’s how you can become a sustainable student:


In your student accommodation 

  • Save energy – Turn radiators down when they don’t need to be on, as well as lights and electrical appliances when not in use to be more energy-efficient
  • Reduce water usage – Use a washing up bowl to wash your pots instead of letting the water run, and turn taps off whilst brushing your teeth
  • Recycle your waste – Use the recycling bins provided to help reduce pollution and environmental damage

At University 

  • Meal prep and bring your own food instead of buying your lunch everyday, it is cheaper too!
  • Dispose of your waste in the correct bins, a lot of universities also have e-cigarette disposal and battery bins so you’re not contaminating general waste
  • Reduce paper waste and do your lecture notes on a tablet or laptop instead

Out and about 

  • Carry a reusable bottle / coffee cup and carrier bag to reduce your contribution to single use waste
  • Travel by public transport, ride by bike or walk to get from A – B
  • Buy in bulk instead of making multiple trips to reduce your carbon footprint

Ready to take your green journey to the next level? Find out more here

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