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    7 Student friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas


    mothers day
    student friendly

    When you want to get your mum something special but you’ve got to keep student-friendly budget, we got you covered. Mothers day is soon approaching and everyone wants to spoil their Mum rotten. Unfortunately for a lot of students, its just not possible due to money struggles.

    Gift Ideas for a Student Friendly budget


    Mum’s seem to do cosy better than anyone and a true staple of cosiness is the candle. Although there are many different candles with many different scents, don’t stress because chances are she’ll love it no matter what #CanDoNoWrongWithCandles


    Alongside chocolate, flowers fall in to cliché gift category. That however doesn’t mean that she won’t appreciate them, in fact she’ll do the absolute opposite. It’s a well-known fact that Mum’s cherish flowers from their children (Unless they’re a sucker for allergies that is)… tears may be shed.

    Cinema Light Box

    These are all the rage recently with them popping up in houses across the country. Give your mum the opportunity to jazz up her bedroom, the living room or even the bathroom this Mother’s Day in a quirky personalised way. You just know she’d display something cute!


    Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday. Carveries are on Sunday’s. It’s fate. Have a good catch up with your Mum over some Yorkshire Puds and some Roast Spuds. Oh and just a heads up, Mother’s eat free this Sunday up at The Venue, Storthes Hall Park perfect for those of you who are skint but still want to treat the special lady.

    Personalised photo album

    This one will pull on the heartstrings and once again won’t break the bank. Pick up a photo album, personalise it, fill it with photographs from past and present. Her favourite memories. Your favourite memories. Perfect.

    New Mug

    Mum’s love a good brew of coffee or a cup of tea, it’s just in their nature. Treat yours to a brand spanking new mug this Sunday and make them funny.

    Your time

    By far the most important gift you can give your Mum this Mother’s Day and it costs absolutely nothing. Yep, the cheapest gift you can give will mean the most. Put some time away for your Mum this Sunday… have a chat, have a laugh, have a cuddle.