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6 Ways to Prep for University 2021 as a Fresher


september 2021

Are you prepared for university this September? If you’re a little nervous or you’re feeling a little lost remember everyone’s in the same boat. Becoming a Fresher is a massive change. You’re probably moving away from home for the first time; meeting new people and learning new things.

With less than two months to go until the big move, we thought we’d share 6 ways for you to prepare:

Moving plans

By August, most uni and student accommodations will have sent out the plans for moving in, and you will know when term officially starts. Now is a good time to decide how you’re getting to your accommodation; can a family member or friend help you or will you be relying on public transport? If you’re driving down, then check in with your accommodation to see if there is parking available.

Have a back up plan

A-level results day is fast approaching, and although you’ve done your best, sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. That’s okay, there’s always a plan B. Familiarise yourself with the clearing process in advance of A-level results day, just in case.

Find your flat mates

Now is a great time to find your flatmates and course mates to break the ice before you move in. If you’re living at DIGS Student Accommodation, you can join our official resident Facebook groups. They’re perfect for finding your flatmates, getting to know staff, and finding out about events and updates.

Learn how to cook

You probably know a couple of simple recipes, but Summer is the perfect opportunity to improve your cooking skills before university starts. YouTube is a great place to start, and Lorin Michel and Gordon Ramsay both have great series’. It’s also a great opportunity to spend time with family, learning their favourite recipes.

Make memories

Yes, it may be cheesy, but you have a massive amount of free time this Summer, probably more than you’ll ever get again. So start checking things off of your bucket list, do something adventurous, try out a new hairstyle – make the most of every day!

Buy the essentials

There’s still plenty of time to pack, but right now is the perfect time to think about those big purchases that you’ll need throughout your university experience. Bedding is a big one, so is storage, towels, linens, etc. We will be dropping a packing list very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

So, these are just a few ways to prepare for university as you countdown to becoming a Fresher in September 2021.

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