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6 Tips for Feeling Festive in Student Halls


student halls

Tis the season to get into the Christmas spirit…but you’re still in student halls. If you’re reaching the end of exams and assignments and aren’t feeling particularly festive, then we’ve got a couple of ideas to get you in the mood…

Decorate your room

You don’t have to have a design degree under your belt to get creative. Making your own Christmas decorations is a fantastic way to get into the Christmas spirit. It’s one those things that takes you back to those primary school days spent making Christmas candles and tree toppers. Why not get a couple of these fun step-by-step decorations.

You can buy cheap craft sets from The Works or Aldi, or if you’re a little more ‘DIY’ then you can come up with your own ideas using items that you already have.

Christmas films

Whether you’re a Love Actually fanatic or a Die-Hard fan of Die-Hard, there’s nothing quite like a much-loved Christmas film to get you feeling festive. There are plenty of films on Netflix, Now TV or Disney and most even have their very own Christmas section. Try something new or watch an old favourite to get you feeling nostalgic. Whichever option you choose, make sure you’ve got a big mug of warming hot chocolate and slice of yule log to go alongside.


Flat Christmas potluck

Before you and your flatmates head home for the Christmas season, see if you can arrange a Christmas potluck to make your last week memorable. A potluck is where each persons bring a dish to dinner, and you serve it up family style. It gives the avid cooks an excuse to show off their skills and gives beginners an excuse to try cooking something new. If you live with friends from all over the world, it’s a great opportunity to try some new dishes.


Give back

The best thing you can do at Christmas is to give back to those less fortunate. Whether it’s donating food items at a food bank, donating a couple of hours of your time to a soup kitchen. Or start at home by helping a family member out – it’s a great feeling to give to people in need. Contact your local charities to see if they need support and share charity posts on Facebook to spread the word.


Give yourself a gift

You’re about to experience a break from the intense world of higher education after a busy three months (or longer). Make the most of this off time try to prioritise self-care.

It’s easy for us to say relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make plans but Christmas can sometimes feel . Sure, it’s important to spend time with loved ones during Christmas but take some time for you too. Read a book, go for a walk, re-watch your favourite films, and anything else you love doing.


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