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    Uni Prepping: 5 Things you’ll forget to bring


    uni guide

    You’re headed to uni, you’re packed and prepped but do you have everything?

    moving from home to uni

    Five things you’ll forget to bring to uni

    Washing Powder

    When packing for university, all your best clothes will be a priority when it comes to packing with some of you even getting a completely new wardrobe in time for freshers. One thing a lot of students forget to pack in their suitcase is washing powder. What are you going to do when jaeger gets spilt on your best shirt during the first night of freshers? Yeah, you could go to the shop or supermarket but who’s got time for that during your first week at uni?!

    Extension Leads

    Just think of all the gadgets you’ll be using in your room. So there’s the laptop charger, TV, games console, straighteners, printer, air freshener…. the list is endless. It goes without saying that the amount of plug sockets in your room will be outnumbered by the amount of electricals you’ll want plugged in. Bring an extension lead.

    Clothes Horse

    Constantly using the dryer can be expensive, especially for a student who’s on a budget. Why not save time and money and bring a clothes horse? You won’t regret it.

    Bottle Opener

    This is an absolute essential for fresher’s week. The amount of people who will be on the lookout for a bottle opener on freshers’ week is unprecedented, ensure there will be no broken teeth and chipped furniture in the first week and pack a bottle opener. And the fun thing about bottle openers is that they can be as strange as you like!

    Sticky Notes

    Sticky notes can be a massive help when it comes to keeping on top of things. Rent Payment, Uni Deadlines, Food expiry dates (Nobody likes sour milk!) are just a few of the many things you’ll need to keep an eye on at uni and having sticky notes will make your life feel a lot more organised. Perfect for when you’re studying in halls.

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