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5 Things to Look for in Uni Accommodation in 2021


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uni living

Decided on which university you’ll be attending? Finding your uni accommodation is the next big step. Where you live can play a massive part on your university experience, so here are some things to consider:


  1. Is it affordable?

Can you afford to socialise once your bills are paid? When you’re at uni accommodation bills should be the last thing on your mind. Being at university is about more than studying, so it’s important that you don’t spend every penny on your rent. We all want to live in the nicest accommodation but don’t choose a room that is at the top of your budget or beyond your means. Make sure that once your rent is paid, you still have enough money to left to socialise.


  1. Are there perks?

Look out for perks to make student life more affordable. Uni accommodation should always be a little more than just a bed. These could be extras like free breakfast, free pizza, giveaways, etc. At DIGS, we offer perks all the time and our students love them! Check whether your accommodation offers regular events to help you to meet other students. We offer food nights, welcome parties, free trips, and more.


  1. Are the rooms spacious?

You’ll spend a of time in your room so make sure it’s spacious and not too cramped. All our properties have rooms larger than the national average, meaning you have more space to make it yours. It’s also great for those creative courses where you need more floor space.


  1. Are there hidden fees?

Make sure that all bills are included in your weekly rent. This makes it so much easier to budget and means that the money left over is yours. The weekly rent at DIGS Student Accommodation covers all your utility bills (water, heating, electricity), gym membership, up to 100mb broadband and WiFi, and contents insurance.

  1. Is there a dedicated maintenance team?

Check whether your accommodation has a dedicated maintenance team so that any issues such as lightbulb replacements, heating issues, etc ae fixed quickly – you don’t want to be waiting days or weeks. At DIGS, we have an online maintenance system, which means that you can log maintenance issues online from the comfort of your room. You will even receive regular updates so that you can keep track of the issue.

We’re also the University of Huddersfield’s only approved, recommended, and preferred provider, which means that we’re regularly audited to ensure that we meet their standards.

  1. Is there a high number of returning students?

It’s a good idea to check whether your uni accommodation has a high number of returning students. It offers a great indication of whether it is a good place to live and whether previous students have enjoyed living at that particular student accommodation.

Of course, there are numerous reasons as to why students might choose not to rebook – final year student, a change of scenery– either way it’s a good thing to explore. We have over 500 students who have already chosen to live with us again for next year.


Once you’ve answered the questions above, we’d recommend booking a virtual or private tour of the accommodation so that you can decide if it is suited to you. To book a tour of any of our properties you can email [email protected]

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