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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Society


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When you join a society at University, it is a great way to meet other students and widen your social circle. You will bond over shared interests with students from all walks of life, seeking out people with similar skills and passions. Some of your most cherished memories will be from society events and socials!

Here are our top 5 reasons why every Fresher should join a society at University.


When you join a society, friendships will bloom organically. There is no pressure to out of your way to form friendships, all of this will come naturally when you immerse yourself in student life. As a lot of society members will not be from your course or student accommodation, it is great to switch off from your studies and chat about something else. You will foster a lot of social connections when becoming a society member. Societies are beneficial for improving your networking abilities and improving your career prospects through useful people contacts.

Becoming a better you

There is a lot of opportunity for personal development when joining a society. Trying out new activities and getting out of your comfort zone is all part of society life. Being part of a society will enhance your communication skills, give you people experience in group settings and overall shape you into becoming a more confident individual. Therefore, making you prepared for all future career endeavours!

Health and Wellbeing

Societies help to keep you active and involved in student life at University, as well provide a break of routine from your everyday studies. Exercise and socialising are both very uplifting ways to maintain a positive mood. You will feel a change in yourself by engaging in society life, keeping fit is incredibly important for your mental health and wellbeing. It is always good to exit the confines of your uni room and delve into some feel good activities with like-minded individuals.

Help Make a Difference

You will be part of making a positive impact on your University and Students Union, as well as the local community. Knowing that your contributions and involvement in society activities are making a difference and align with something you’re passionate about is always worth while. Bonding with society peers over triumph and victory is a great feeling, these are all experiences you will share together. Societies are unofficially kind of like brother / sisterhoods, friendships will form for life!

Having fun

It can be easy to become so consumed in your studies that you forget about the social aspects of University. All work and no play isn’t balanced! Societies are more than getting involved with the society cause / activity. Expect to have lots of social events, like parties, society nights with loads of discounts and freebies, balls and more! Society antics will definitely go down as some of your wildest uni memories.

Join a society at DIGS

At our Huddersfield student accommodation at DIGS Storthes Hall Park, we have many societies that students can get involved in. Find more about our societies by connecting with us on Instagram @digs_student

Some of the societies we have are Gaming, Cooking, Mini Golf, Sport & Fitness and more!

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