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5 Reasons to Rebook with DIGS


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Rebooking is just around the corner…Rebook your room in Huddersfield, Sheffield or Wolverhampton between 20.11.2023 – 29.11.2023 and get priority access to rooms, cashback and more! (Until 26.11.2023 for Wolverhampton)

Take advantage of huge savings, when you rebook, you have nothing to pay until August, meaning you can sit back and relax knowing your room is sorted for the next academic year.

Everything Included

  • Enjoy another year with all bills included. Your utility bills, internet, gym, and contents insurance are included so you won’t get any surprises and you can confidently manage your finances alongside your studies.

Priority Access

  • VIP Rebookers get access to rooms one week early, meaning you have priority when it comes to choosing your room. In most cases, you will be able to rebook the room you’re in now. It’s subject to availability so we recommend putting your application in as soon as possible.

Deposit Rollover

  • As a rebooker, your deposit will automatically rollover to next year, meaning you have nothing to pay until August 2024.

Cashback when you Rebook

  • Cashback split into instalments throughout the year to help you with the cost of living. Cashback by accommodation location to be revealed soon, stay tuned!

Live With Friends

  • Made your friends for life? You can rebook as a flat and all live together. Avoid moving to a private house with rising energy bills, and stay right where you are. Just let us know who you want to live with on your application notes.

Free Cancellation (Huddersfield only)

  • If you have rebooked your room and changed your mind, you can cancel for free within 90 days from the date you made your application.

Only Friends (Huddersfield only)

  • Only Friends, just like Only F*ns without all the stuff inbetween. Rebook with 5 – 8 friends and be allocated an exclusive Only Friends Sociable Ensuite flat! The great thing about Only Friends is that it’s just you and your friends who you rebooked with, no one else.

For more information about student life living at DIGS, check our your Student Corner 

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