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10 Useful Apps For Students



Here are some great apps that will help you with student life:


This app will give you incredible student discounts at shops around your University as well as online.

Hold – technology tamed 

This app helps you to study and not get distracted by your phone. You load up your app and for every 20 minutes you spend away from your phone you will earn points. Those points can be spent a variety of ways from scratch cards to amazon vouchers to food vouchers. 


This app is filled with useful information that you will need as a student. It’s most useful to design students as it gives you tips, tricks, info and assistance in digital technology.

Split Wise

At University you may discover that you’re not the best at budgeting. Well you’re in luck! This app is a budgeting tool that allows you to record what you are spending in the correct section and it will show you where the majority of your money is going. If most of your money is going on booze and eating out, then maybe it’s time to cut back! 


This is a handy app to have on your phone if you are travelling long distances. Whilst you are travelling back home on the train you can use this app to start writing your essays and it’ll help you with word choice, spelling and grammar.

Black Board 

If you are studying at the University of Huddersfield then this app is your saviour! With this app you can access your module information along with many other useful resources from your reading list to your modules to resources in the library. 

Santander Banking App

In addition to monitoring your money you can also access great discounts at places such as Toby Carvery. In order to have this you need a 123-student account which you can set up when you have a confirmed place at your University of choice.

Google Drive 

A very useful app if you have lots of work to save. You’re probably thinking why not just buy a memory USB stick or an external hard drive? Well both of these things are easy to loose. And if you haven’t backed up your work it will be lost forever! Google drive allows you to save multiple files and you can access them any time you want using an email and a password. 

Oxford dictionary 

It’s always useful to have a dictionary to hand! However, you don’t want to be walking around your classes/cafes with a full dictionary – it’s heavy! Download the oxford dictionary app and you will have the entire dictionary in your pocket! Perfect if you have stumbled across a word that you are not familiar with. It’s literally one of the most underrated apps if you’re going to be a uni student. 


Never heard of Unitube? Well it turnas out UniTube is like YouTube except instead of watching gaming videos or conspiracy theories you will be watching real theories which can support you in your essays and dissertations. UniTube allows you to watch other lectures at other universities as well as seminars discussing topics that might peak your interest.


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