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    Keeping Students Safe

    Last updated 06 September 2021

    We understand this is an uncertain time.

    That’s why we’re doing everything we can to offer students the support and stability that they need. It is more important than ever for students to find a home where they feel safe and can get the most out of university life. We’ve taken a number of steps to make sure that happens:

    Safety measures

    • High traffic areas are bio fogged and additional safety measures are present around the accommodation.

    Self-isolation support

    • Our teams will make sure that you have everything you need whilst completing your self-isolation.

    Virtual check in

    • Check in online, get your keys, and make yourself at home.

    Experience programme

    • Your experience won’t be compromised. Our events programmes are planned around government guidelines.

    Wellbeing support

    • Our teams will support you if you are having any issues or problems whilst living with us.

    Spacious rooms

    • Our rooms are spacious and larger than the national average.

    Free Early Arrival

    • Complete your 10 days isolation period at no extra cost when travelling from an Amber list country. T&Cs apply.

    Covid-19 Booking Pledge

    • Flexible start dates for students who fall under our Covid-19 Booking Pledge. T&Cs apply.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I am travelling from a country on the Amber List/Red List, what support is available?

      If you are travelling from a country on the Amber List or Red List, then we may be able to support you.

      Our Free Early Arrival policy allows students travelling from an Amber List country to complete their 10-day quarantine period, prior to their contract start date, with us at no extra cost. You can keep up to date with the official travel list here. Read the full terms and conditions here.

      If you live in a country on the Red List, then you could be protected under our Covid Booking Pledge. You can safely book with us if:

      • Your university course start date is delayed.
      • Your university course is cancelled.
      • Travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to the UK.

      All international students will receive a bedding pack on arrival. Please refer to ‘what support is available if I need to self-isolate’ to see how we can support you further.

    • What happens if I can't get my visa?

      If you can’t obtain a visa, then you will be released from your contract under our Covid Booking Pledge. To be eligible you must send the details and proof to a member of our team at [email protected]

    • Will I be required to wear a face covering?

      Wearing a face covering is advised in public spaces, to ensure that yourself and others feel as comfortable as possible.

    • What support is available if I need to self-isolate?

      If you receive a positive test result, receive a text from Test & Trace, or are experiencing symptoms then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer you the necessary support. We can help with:

      • Getting food deliveries to your room.
      • Delivery of parcels.
      • Laundry support.
      • Bin refuse disposal – please double bag it.

      If you are feeling anxious, please let us know so that we can signpost you to the correct services.

    • What facilities and services will be provided?

      Our facilities and services are open in line with government guidance. Regardless of the restrictions in place, you will have access to a friendly on-site team, parcel service, laundry room, maintenance team, and experience programme.

      Our gyms and common rooms are all open.

    • How will Covid-19 affect my experience?

      Please be assured that your experience will not be compromised when you live with DIGS. We host events all year-round that are in line with government guidelines. Our ethos is to make it easy to make friends and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Head over to our experience page to learn more.

    • Am I allowed visitors?

      Visitors are currently allowed but this is subject to change in line with government guidelines. We would advise that you speak to your flatmates before making arrangements, to ensure that it is something that they are comfortable with.

    • I am not sure whether to book my accommodation for 2021/22, what do you suggest?

      We completely understand the hesitation to book student accommodation in the current climate. If you are confident which universities are your first and second choice, then you are in a good position to book accommodation with DIGS. If you don’t get the grades, your university course is cancelled, or travel restrictions prevent you from travelling to the UK, then you will be covered under either our No Place No Pay policy or our Covid Booking Pledge.

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