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Chambers 51, Wolverhampton

Making a Booking

  • How do I book?

    Booking with DIGS is easy – just click ‘book’ and follow the steps. Just choose the accommodation and room type that you prefer and provide some personal information.

    Once we have received your application, a member of our team will send you a room offer. You will receive this by email, just log onto the online portal to view your offer.

    You will be asked to make a deposit of £100. Just skip this part as it isn’t due until August. the exact date can be found on your statement.

    You will be able to read your contract once you accept your room offer, read it carefully as it is a legally binding contract.

    Once you have completed your section, it’s over to your guarantor. They will need to log onto the portal and accept the guarantee contract and provide two forms of ID.

    Once we have received everything, we will email you to confirm that your room has been booked.

  • Who is eligible to book?

    To book with DIGS, you must be a student and must turn 18 before your tenancy start date.

  • Can I live with DIGS if I am doing an internship or placement year?

    Absolutely! If you’re a registered student, then you can live with DIGS.

  • How much does it cost to book?

    You don’t need to pay anything at the time of booking your room. However, there is a £100 deposit and £150 pre-rent payment to pay in August prior to moving in. Please refer to ‘When are my instalments due’ for more information.

  • What is a guarantor? What happens if I don't have one?

    A guarantor is a person over the age of 21 (usually a parent or guardian) who is happy to be financially responsible for you if you are not able to make payment.

    We do not run credit checks on guarantors, but they must provide two forms of ID and be able to provide an email address. For international students, the guarantor can be from overseas if the payment is made in full. If a UK guarantor is provided, then you can pay in instalments.

    If you cannot find a person to act as a guarantor, then we work with a company called Housing Hand who can act as a guarantor for a fee. Find out more here.

  • Can I make a viewing before I book?

    Of course! The best way to decide if you’d like to live somewhere is by seeing it for yourself! You have three options to view the accommodation.

    • Take a virtual tour on our rooms and prices page
    • Arrange a virtual tour via Zoom or WhatsApp with our team
    • View the property in person on a private tour

    To arrange a date, please complete the viewing form on our homepage and we will be in touch.

  • Can I live with DIGS after my first year?

    This is your home, and you can live with us throughout your studies. We have lots of happy students who choose to rebook with us each year. When you rebook you’re rewarded with loads of perks including early access to rooms, discounts, freebies, and more.

    If you’d like to stay with us again, then just let us know once you’re all moved in.

  • When can I book my accommodation - I haven't got my grades yet?

    Getting everything organised for university can be stressful, so we would advise that you book your accommodation as soon as you have confirmed your first choice university through UCAS.

    If you have a conditional offer, we know that it can be daunting to book your room before you have your grades, but you can safely book with us under our No Place No Pay policy before you receive your grades.

    Our policy means that if the university is your first choice on UCAS, then you can book your accommodation with us in the coinciding city. If you do not receive the grades to get into your first-choice university, we will release you from your contract and refund any money paid up until that point. We will require a screenshot of your UCAS tracker as proof.

    More information can be found on your contract.

  • I haven't moved in yet, can I change my room?

    If you would like to change your room then that is fine if we the availability.

    If you have not yet accepted your room offer and would like to change your room then please call us on 01484 270145 or email [email protected] before you accept and we will send you a new room offer.

    If you have accepted your room offer and completed your booking, we can still accommodate your request, just email [email protected]. We will need to withdraw your current room offer and your guarantor will need to reaccept your room offer – this does not incur any extra cost.

  • What happens if my loan doesn't get paid on time, and I can't make payment before the due date?

    If you choose to pay in instalments, then you are still responsible for making the payments on time in accordance with the contract. If you are experiencing payment issues, the best thing to do is to let us know as soon as possible so that we can find the best way to support you.

  • Can I cancel my contract?

    For bookings made less than 7 days ago you can cancel for free within our 7 day cooling off period. After the 7 days has passed and before the Final Cancellation Date of 9th June 2024, you can cancel your booking for a £50 fee. Once the Final Cancellation Date has passed, you will be held to your contract and will need to find a replacement tenant to take over your contract. However, you can still cancel if you fall under our No Place No Pay or No Visa No Pay policies.

  • Can I live with my friends?

    If you would like to live with friends who have already moved in, then it is important that you let us know as early as possible so that we can try to accommodate your request – it’s all subject to availability.


Moving In

  • What is the check-in process?

    Prior to your arrival, you will need to complete an online e-induction where you can select a check in appointment. Your tenancy start date can be found on your contract; you are welcome to move in at any point after this date.

  • Can I move in early?

    If you would like to move in prior to your tenancy start date, then please get in touch with the accommodation team directly at [email protected] so that they can arrange this for you. This will be charged at an additional rate.

  • Is there parking available during check-in?

    Unfortunately there is limited parking available at Chambers 51. Once you have unpacked your car, you will need to move to a nearby car park.

  • How do I find out who my flatmates are?

    Join our resident Facebook group and meet your flatmates before you move in, find out about Fresher’s plans, and stay up to date with important updates.

  • How will I meet people?

    Our common room is a great spot to meet other students living in the accommodation. We also sometimes host events such as our Welcome Party or Puppy Dog Therapy.

  • How do I pay my rent?

    Your deposit and pre-rent instalment must be paid via bank transfer. The details can be found on your contract.

    The remaining three rent instalments can be paid either by direct debit or bank transfer. you can set up a direct debit during the booking acceptance process. If you do not have a student bank account set up at this stage, then you can email us to set up a direct debit at a later stage. Similarly, if you would like to change your direct debit details then just let us know as soon as you can.

    If you have a direct debit set up, then you do not need to make a bank transfer. If your direct debit has not been taken within a few days of the rent instalment date, then please let us know so that we can see what has gone wrong. If you have selected to pay by bank transfer, then you will need to make a manual payment before the deadline.

  • When are my instalments due?

    Your rent is paid as three instalments spread out across the year to make it more manageable for you, these usually coincide with student finance payments and are in September, January, and May. There is also a deposit of £100 and a pre-rent instalment to pay in August, the exact date can be found on your statement.

    The pre-rent instalment covers you from the date that you move in, until the first rent instalment is due at the end of September.

  • What is included in my annual rent?

    Your rent includes utility bills such as water and heating, 100mb broadband and WiFi, gym membership, contents insurance, and access to events.

    The laundry room is an additional service and costs £2.80 per wash and £1.60 per dry*

    You will also need to pay for a TV licence if you want one. A TV licence is required for each student room. If you are only using streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime then you do not need to purchase a TV licence.

    *prices vary by year.

  • What happens if there is a problem with my room?

    You will be required to complete an inventory form when you move into your accommodation so that we are notified of any existing issues with your room.

    During your stay, you can log all maintenance issues from the comfort of your room using our DIGS Support Portal. Simply log a ticket and our maintenance team will respond as soon as possible.

  • What do the kitchens come with?

    If you are living in a shared apartment then your kitchen/living space will come with cooker/hob, microwave, fridge/freezer, bins, hoover, mop and bucket, dustpan and brush and sweeping brush. There is also a breakfast bar with stools.

    If you are living in a studio then you will get a two ring hob, under the counter fridge with freezer tray, a microwave combination oven, mop and bucket, dustpan and brush, bin and sweeping brush.

  • What do the bedrooms come with?

    Shared apartment bedrooms come with 3/4 bed (double bedding is best), desk, desk chair, wardrobe, shelving and storage, and ensuite bathroom.

    Studios come with exactly the same items, except you will get a double bed. You will also get a breakfast bar with stool, and sofa.

  • Do you provide bedding?

    We do provide bedding packs at an additional cost that will be added to your DIGS account. Please email [email protected] to request a bedding pack.

  • Can I decorate my room?

    Of course! We would encourage you to make your room your own. However, there are things that you cannot do such as sticking Sellotape or Blu Tack to the walls or using nails and drawing pins.

  • Can I bring pets?

    Unfortunately not, but we do have therapy dogs visit us every now and again for students who miss their pets.

  • Can I bring my car?

    Unfortunately not, even though we have a small on-site car park, it is not available for tenant use.

  • Do I need to take out contents insurance?

    We provide free contents insurance through Endsleigh. This is basic cover and if you have expensive equipment then you might need to upgrade. Check what’s covered here.

  • Do I have to be home by a certain time each night?

    No, it’s up to you what time you get back. If you get back late then please respect your flatmates and keep noise to a minimum.

  • Do I need to move out for the holidays?

    No. Your room is yours for the entire length of your contract. That means that you don’t have to move out for Christmas, Easter, or any other holiday. You can even stay with us for Summer if you want to (this will be charged at our Summer rate).

  • How do I make a complaint and what is the DIGS complaint process?

    Complaints can be made on the DIGS Support Portal by raising a ticket or by emailing the site team or our central office at [email protected]  where the appropriate member of DIGS will seek to find a resolution.

    Our complaint procedure is detailed here.

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